Name Regt/Corps Comments Date

Dave Wilson Intelligence Corps Dave had a couple of tours in 3 Squadron, in the early 70's when he played football and hockey (for Army Cyprus), and was a keen rally driver. His second was in the early 80's following his commission. He died at home after a period of illness. 30/09/2018

Dave Smith Intelligence Corps Dave last served in Ay Nik 1978-81 where in addition to normal duties he ran the cinema. 25/01/2017

Tony Reynolds Pioneer Corps Tony served in 1 Squadron during the late 70s/early 80s, mainly based at the Guardroom. He was a Regimental footballer. 12/12/2016

Peter Kenyon Mountford Intelligence Corps Pete last served in 3 Squadron in 1975. He was an active sportsman who will probably best be remembered for hockey, at which he represented Army (Cyprus). 13/03/2016

Ronald Lee Royal Air Force Ron served at Ay Nik during the 1960's. He died in Poole, Dorset at the age of 95. 01/03/2016

Geoff (Brummie) Andrews Royal Signals Geoff served in 2 Squadron 1966-1969. He was living in Rhyl, North Wales and died suddenly. 25/10/2014

John (Paddy) Graham Resident in Palmeston North, New Zealand. Served at 9th Signals Regiment Sept 1964 to Sept 1967. 17/05/2013

Dave Garrod Dave was a member of 3 Squadron mid-60s until early 70s. 07/12/2011

Rich Angrove Royal Signals He was a very keen rugby player and in 2006 he was the rugby officer at Ay Nik. 07/10/2011

Keith Mooney Royal Signals Served at Ay Nik 1967-70. Died in Spain where he had lived for several years. 21/03/2011

Simon Williams Intelligence Corps Had lived in Spain until his death 21/09/2010

Robert Hamish Smith (aka Sam) Royal Signals Served in 2 Squadron 1965-68. Resident in Gloucester at the time of his death. 15/08/2010

John Lovatt Intelligence Corps Ex OC 3 Squadron. 10/09/2009

Derek Poyser Intelligence Corps Ex Army gymnast. 31/08/2009

Barry Keen Royal Signals Killed by a mortar attack in Afghanistan on Friday 27 July 2007. Served on 3 Squadron in 1996 27/08/2007

David Richard Thomas 9th Signals Civilian Wing David did several tours at Aya Nic as a Civilian and had one final tour in 1969 but sadly he was sent back to Millbank Hospital as he had cancer and died in Cheltenham in January 1971. He was a POW and was from S Wales. 10/01/1971